Diaz Brewing Company

A Belgian / American husband and wife team with a nano-brewery in the middle of a Belgian Forest. Daniel is the American in the equation; originally coming from Connecticut. He moved to Belgium in 2009 when he was a US Army soldier affiliated with the NATO base in Mons. Fast forward to today, he is out of the military, but still working for NATO as a civilian for the time being.

Daniel started homebrewing back in 2013 because he was missing some of the more hoppy beer styles from the US that were not available in Belgium at the time. April 2021, Diaz Brewing Company was officially started, and their first batch of beer was commercially available in June 2021.

Shaika is the Belgian in the equation. She is originally from the Charleroi area, but was raised in the Mons region. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Assistance and has been pivotal in the administration side of the brewery. She currently works full-time as a recruiter for the US Army. Although she is more of a wine drinker, her palate and beer appreciation has grown over the years.

All beers are produced in the garage of their home located in the middle of “Le Bois de Baudour”, a large forest in the Mons region of Wallonia. Their home is an old house from the 1800s that used to be a house for the “Garde Barriere” for train tracks that used to pass through the forest. All beers are hand labeled and bottled one by one by the husband and wife team. All beers are also very limited in quantity due to the small batch size.